Eco-Explorers Summer Camp

Nature play for 5-6 year olds!

Kids need to play outdoors! Eco-Explorer sessions are a chance for your child to develop their nature connection and make some new friends... of all species!​​​​​​​​​

In nature play, children have the freedom to explore, take risks and learn about the natural world through intrinsically motivated play. Competent and aware practitioners are there to guide experiences every step of the way.

Climbing trees, digging in the dirt, exploring creek beds, building forts, nature crafting,  working with wood, discovering nature mysteries, playing in the mud, fostering a love of the natural world, learning about native plant and animal species are just SOME of the things we get up to!

Come Play Outside!

July 22-26th


Location: Chorley Park

(We will have indoor lunch/ bathroom break and yoga at Rosedale United Church)

Cost:$325 for the week or  $70 a day

Registration is limited due to our high adult to child ratio

Stay wild Earth Child!

Stay wild Earth Child!

BIG FEELS: Yoga and Mindfulness Program

6 week series for kids 7-10 years old

Kids today are over programmed; technologically saturated and continually asked to multi-task and move quickly from one thing to the next.

They need a chance to focus their energy within; learn how to balance themselves and filter the world around them though their senses so they can make good choices.

In our classes we will work to develop self-awareness and self-regulation strategies through embodied mindful activities, yoga, breathing practices, nature connection, mantras and meditation. Through these valuable life skills we trust your children will learn to navigate the world around them and within them with greater ease and confidence.

Drop off session for 7-10 year olds

When: Wednesday January 23th- February 27th
Time: 4:30-5:50pm

Location:2005 Danforth Ave
The Healing Collective

*Parents are encouraged to attend last class*


Rainbow Rhythm Kids ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ FREE programs at the

Toronoto Public Library!

For children aged 6-10

Location: Pape Library  

Calling all nature enthusiasts! Do you like skulls, bones, crystals and solving mysteries?
Rainbow Rhythm Kids is a nature-based program that will spark your curiosity and build some of your nature mystery solving skills through hands on experiences and experiments.

When: December 4,11 and 18th from 4-5pm

Have a family who likes to get lost in the woods? Want to meet new friends and play and learn togther in nature? Join us for FREE family fun at different ravine systems around the city!

(In partnership with Toronto Forest School)

Fall dates and locations to come!