1. Inspire magic
    Inspire magic
  2. Build musical skills
    Build musical skills
  3. Spark curiosity
    Spark curiosity
  4. Learn to listen to Nature
    Learn to listen to Nature
  5. Foster  connections
    Foster connections
  6. Move your body
    Move your body
  7. Explore imagination
    Explore imagination

Educating children about the rhythms of the Earth 

Through song, story, movement, yoga and play this nature-based music and movement program builds relationship between children and the natural world.
 We bring the magic and wonder of the natural world to you!
At your daycare centre, school or private party we will provide engaging and educational programs. . 
Rainbow Rhythm Kids Nature Circle
This is the core program we bring into daycares, community centres and schools for children 18 months to kindergarten age. Every week we focus on a new animal or aspect of nature.  Our program combines hands on experiences with animals and animal artifacts, natural materials and musical instruments. We learn through stories, imaginative play, yoga, creative movement and artistic experiences. 
Programs for School-age Children:

True Nature: Mindfulness and Yoga classes  
In this program we work on cultivating mindfulness and heartfullness. Esentially the ability to tune into our own inner wisdom, bodies and emotions and be present. Through asanas, mudras, chants, partner and group challanges children will build their practice and have fun!
 Explore and create with natural materials in an open ended way. Perfect for after school, lunch time programs or to add to your curriculum. Projects and materials are seasonal.

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Rainbow Rhythm Kids  programs awaken curiosity and foster children's connections to the natural world.
Every session provides children the opportuntity to learn about a different animal, insect or aspect of the natural world through story, song, movement and hands-on experiences with a variety of materials.

We  explore instruments, engage the imagination, move our bodies and end with a simple grounding meditation. (Yes, kids can do this!)

Our programs are flexible and adaptable to your needs, and will enhance your current curriculum.

 Invite the natural world into your classroom today!

The Earth has music for those who listen - Shakespeare

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